Extreme H2O Monthly



Naturally Moist, Exceptionally Clear

For patients seeking all-day comfort and clarity in a monthly replacement modality.

  • Naturally moist, biocompatible,
    group 2 material - hioxifilcon D
  • Made from high purity Benz G-Material with extreme hydrophilicity
  • Retains 97% original water content all-day long

All-day Visual Clarity, Second to None:

  • GMA copolymer provides outstanding optical properties and improved low contrast sensitivity for better night vision
  • Dimensionally stable polymer = excellent on-eye stability

Best Fit Possible - 3 Base Curve Options

  • Better Fit = Better: Comfort, Vision, Health

Reduced Risk of Complications

  • Non-ionic material resists deposits resulting in fewer complications from GPC and other deposit related conditions
  • 6x less risk of microbial keratitis (MK) for daily wear vs. SiHy

...it all adds up to improved wearability for your patients