Eyedia Precise Monthly


6 lenses per box


Naturally Comfortable

  • Biocompatible Hioxifilcon A material is naturally comfortable on the eye.
  • AquagripTM technology enables lens to retain virtually all water content during wear period.
  • High water content and unsurpassed water retention is excellent for dry eye patients
  • Aspheric Optics, coupled together with ultra stable lens dimensions (due to high hydrophilicity), means that patients get the same crisp and clear vision, all day.

Enhancing Ocular Performance

Since its inception, Clearlab® has had an intense focus on designing a contact lens that was superior to the world's leading frequent replacement lenses. We addressed this challenge by designing a biocompatible lens made of reknown Hiolifilcon A material that exhibited enhanced vision, improved durability and convenient handling. The result is eyedia® precise monthly - a unique aspheric biocompatible frequent replacement lenses from Clearlab®.

Aspheric Optics

Our biocompatible eyedia® precise monthly lens has been designed with aberration correcting aspheric optics to optimize the overall visual experience. Our optics incorporate innovative wavefront design and technology.

With aspheric optics, visual acuity is optimized over the entire power range and the optical design is tailored to provide maximum contrast sensitivity, particularly under low illumination. The combination of aberration correcting aspheric optics, superb water retention, and longer wearing times make eyedia® precise monthly a truly unique lens.

Contact lens wearers now have an economic option for enjoying the benefits of biocompatibility, long lasting comfort, extended wearing time and enhanced ocular health.