Essilor Jupiter



  • Indicated when other GP designs fail for keratoconus patients and other corneal irregularities
  • Available in 15.0mm – 18.2mm diameter range; this lens always centers over irregular corneas, providing exceptional comfort and vision
  • A “true” scleral design that does not ride on the limbus, coming into contact only on the sclera
  • Trial fitting is necessary to evaluate fitting relationship
  • The ultimate in problem-solving designs available today
  • Manufactured with Focal Point Technology delivering exact reproducibility


  • Easy-to-determine initial fit from Loaner Fitting Sets
  • Provides crisp, clear optics
  • Has proven successful for the correction of many corneal irregularities including postsurgical cases
  • Fits well in cases of corneal flattening inserts to offer good VA and comfort unsurpassed with soft lenses
  • Provides initial comfort that lasts all day long
  • Manufactured in Boston XO2, providing hyper-transmissibility to a larger area of the ocular surface than most hybrid lenses and many soft lenses
  • Utilizing our Essilor large lens consultants a customized Essilor PerimeterTM or JupiterTM lens can be designed to meet almost any patient need